Stevie Moore
President and Founder

Stevie Moore is an ex-felon who has served time in several penal institutions for selling drugs.  He has successfully transformed his life.  He dedicates himself to motivating individuals to overcome negative influences in their lives. 

Stevie and his wife, Rosiland, operate Turning Point, Inc. which provides a wide range of services that include political consulting, counseling, motivational speaking, project management, real estate, referral services.  They sponsor seminars and community based workshops to educate urban youth about the importance of managing finances, civic responsibility and positive social behavior.

Turing Point, Inc. and their non-profit, Freedom From Unnecessary Negatives, help ex-offenders re-enter into society as productive citizens by assisting them in getting food assistance, identification, social security cards, employment, budgeting, becoming entrepreneurs and volunteering to give back to the community.